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July 6, 2007


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I'm BACK!!!!

I know I have been gone for a long time, Ive been procrastinating coming back here knowing I will have a lot of work to go through and never enough time ( I currently have 8,684 deviations 3,096 messages and 2 notes in my watch list)  I hope to now have a little bit of time to try to get through at least of of my watch list!



The One Million Masterpiece is an exciting 12 month project that will culminate on World Population Day 2007 with the unveiling of one picture created by one million people. It will be unveiled as a symbol of global unity and a representation of 21 st century culture and society. In order to take part contributors are asked to make a very small donation to one of our five partner charities

(as described on their site)

If you are intreasted, check out the following link: www.theonemillionmasterpiece.c…

Avitar Quilt Project!

I will be starting a project in which I want to collect avitars to make a quilt.  I got the idea from everybody posting avitars in thier journals for everyone they are freinds with.  I will be taking applications until aproximitly Feburary 28.  When I reach the deadline, if I am just a couple pictures over the amount of pictures possible to make a square, I might discard the last few entrys, if I only need a couple of avitars to compleate the square, I might extend the deadline a couple of days.  If I dont get a good responces, I will discard the entire project!

:bulletblue:  This project is open to anyone in DA, that has a custom avitar
:bulletblue:  I perfer the avitar to be your normal avitar, not an avitar made just for this project (but I wont say no to custom avitars)
:bulletblue:  the avitars must be the standard 50x50 pixles size
:bulletblue:  the avitars must not have animation, if you have an animated avitar, please send me a still picture of a still clip of your avitar
:bulletblue:  if the avitar you want me to use is your current avitar you could just send me you name

I have extended the deadline that I will accept avitar till March 31!

Some songs that I think explains the world

Current State:

Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell Music  Lyrics

In the Year 2525 by Zager and Evans Music  Lyrics

War! by Starr EdwinMusic  Lyrics

Where have all the flowers gone? by Peter, Paul, and Mary Music  Lyrics

What Should be done:


Wish it would happen:

Imaine by John Lennon (Beatles) Music  Lyrics

more to come, I cant think of the songs I want to list

If you have any songs to suggest to add to the list, you could send me a note with the name of the song, a link to the song, and a link to the lyrics

Friends in Real Life:
:iconmistressdizzy: banditdorian

My Friends from Stella Quest L:

:iconkumiku-chan: Kumiku-chan

:icontheamazingsashinu: TheAmazingSashinu

:iconawesomeali: AwesomeAli

:icon4rcher: 4rcher

:iconcheckeredsockies: CheckeredSockies

My Friends that also love Erin Hunter's Warriors Series:

:iconcinderpelt: Cinderpelt

:icongreyclaw: Greyclaw

:iconoha: Oha
Oha's cute little fluffy jaguar!

:iconxepxyu: Totosa

:iconvalkiriatigress: ValkiriaTigress

General Friends (does not fit in one of the above catagorys)

:iconariusshadow: AriusShadow

:iconbabbacoolgal: babbacoolgal

:iconburuu-getsurin: Buruu-Getsurin ***Considers me a stalker*** "-"

:iconczarna: czarna

:iconfahari: fahari

:iconkoplio: koplio

:iconmegawolf77: megawolf77

:iconrabidpanda256: RabidPanda256

:iconship-wreck: Ship-Wreck

:iconfelestacita: SilentNeko

:iconsweets-b: Sweets-B

:iconquincy-sue: Tantu

:iconholliebollie: trogdor-the-burninat

:iconvalkiriatigress: ValkiriaTigress  I'm ValkiriaTigress' pet cat *Nya*

:iconvenilia: Venilia

:iconwaltzy: waltzy

:iconctrlkun: Waterfall-Ice

:iconxaveryvo: XaverYvo ***Considers me a stalker*** "-"

My Freinds from Marapets:

:iconinubasket: inubasket

Proud Member of:

:iconanthroartists: AnthroArtists

:iconcinderpelt-fan: Cinderpelt-fan

:iconcodelyokorocks: codelyokorocks

:iconclubinuyasha: ClubInuyasha

:iconeeveefanclub: EeveeFanClub

:iconfur-for-all: Fur-For-All

:iconkatanimatefanclub: katanimateFanClub

:iconmaetel-999-fc: maetel-999-FC

:iconpokemorphs: pokemorphs

:icontantu-forever-fc: Tantu-Forever-FC

:iconyw-fanartists-unite: YW-fanartists-unite

Check out my fourm: Stella Quest L's Forum

Check out NeoPets: csoupfts

:new: Poll :new:

Who is your hardest critic?

Informal Poll

Since I dont have a subscription, this the best way for me to run my poll.

Question: Have you drawn yourself in an Anime/Anthro form?

Yes! Here is a link to the pick: 4 people

Comming Soon, working on it: 1 Person

No, I have not drawn myself in an Anime/Anthro form.  0 people

Total people voted: 5 people
  • Mood: Helpful
  • Listening to: Let It Be by The Beatles
  • Reading: Warriors by Erin Hunter
  • Watching: AMV Hell 3
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Clouded-3D Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
You can use my av. ^^
Ship-Wreck Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2006  Professional General Artist
im not on yer friends list? *tear* you can use my icon if you want
campsoup1988 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2006
ooops... I am so sorry. I shall add you!

(I've been a bit behind with a couple journal updates)
4rcher Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2006
Kinda late, but Happy B-day.
campsoup1988 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2006
thank you 4rcher!

PS: I dont mind, I was not here yesterday (or the day before)
IAshPawI Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2006
Eeeh! That's awesome, happy 18th to you!!!!!!
:boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:
campsoup1988 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2006
thank you!!
TheMorriganRaven Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2006  Student Artist
awww well happy bday on the 25th Sept m8, wow 18! nice one. hehe, im 19 n i think im gettin old now... :O_o: lmao

Raven X
campsoup1988 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2006
Thank you! and happy early birthday to you!
waltzy Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2006  Professional Artist
happy Bday for 25days trime, and welcome back to DA XD
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